Pendleton County Broadband Expansion – Request for Information

“The Pendleton County Economic & Community Development Authority (PCEDA), in conjunction with Pendleton County Commission (PCC) is requesting information from qualified and experienced Internet Service Providers and/or Network Operators interested in partnering to offer fast, affordable broadband internet services to end-users across Pendleton County. The long-term mission would be to reach the common goal of bringing next generation fiber broadband to in Pendleton County while demonstrating the possibility of creative solutions and the maximize current network potential. The PCEDA has no plans to operate as a network ISP provider, choosing rather to partner with a qualified provider to deploy broadband services.   The PCEDA views the primary goal of this network to be economic development.”

For more information:

RFI 071421 PenCo


The Pendleton County Economic Development Authority is committed to promoting and developing a thriving local economy by facilitating the expansion and retention of existing and new businesses, attracting new opportunities for local business, and preserving the uniqueness that makes Pendleton County a special place to work and live.