New Logo to “Rock” the County

County officials will soon be using a new logo and slogan to promote all things Pendleton County.

The Pendleton County Convention and Visitors Bureau in conjunction with the Pendleton County Economic & Community Development has developed a new advertising brand for the county. The new logo will prominently feature the outline of Seneca Rocks and states “Pendleton Rocks! Worth the Climb.”

Ciara Lambert, director of the PCCVB, said that it was becoming increasingly clear that the previous slogan – “Mountains of Opportunity” was too broad in nature and could be used to describe any county in the state. She added the goal was to create something that was specific to Pendleton County.

“When you tell people you are from Pendleton County, they don’t always know where that is, but if you mention Seneca Rocks or Spruce Knob, they often know where that is,” Lambert said. “We want people to know who we are and where we are.”

Part of the intrigue of the new logo and slogan is that it can have many different meanings. Laura Brown, executive director of the PCEDA, said that the word “rocks” was chosen for its many references. Brown added the goal was to highlight the geography of the county. She said it was used to tie in rock climbing tourism and to also reference “On the Rocks,” which is an advertising campaign developed to promote craft distilleries, breweries and cider producers in the area. Brown also said the new logo and slogan creates a feel of vibrancy and fun.

The logo was created to focus on the unique qualities of the county. It recognizes that local tourism is a growing industry and many people visit the county to enjoy the geography for hiking, caving, fishing, rock climbing and a variety of other activities.

The logo was designed by New South Media in Morgantown. It will be used in advertising in the region and will soon be available on stickers and T-shirts. The members of the Pendleton County Commission have given their support to the project.

There are plans to increase rock climbing tourism in the county. One initiative is to rewrite legislation to remove the liability of landowners who permit climbers on private land. Resource mapping of climbing sites is also underway. Michael Gray, a local climbing expert, has mapped more than 300 climbing routes in Pendleton County. Gray provided technical knowledge to officials about traditional climbing, sports climbing and opportunities for both in Pendleton County.

Funding for the project was provided primarily through the PCCVB with additional money from the PCEDA.

A business roundtable is scheduled for 6 p.m. July 27 at the Nelson Rocks Climbing Center in Circleville. It is open to the public. The meeting will focus on growing local business and provide an opportunity to discuss strategies and network with others.





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